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Advocate sustainable lifestyles by immersive teaching of waste free living standards to economically disadvantaged students and participating occupants.



waste paradise 

We offer a unique experiential learning opportunity to engaged community participants.

About Us


Formally known as Eco Comfortable™, Eco ComproX™ is a non-profit organization in the United States of America, reserving the right to all proprietary licensing afforded to the trade dress of our brand including but not limited to webpage design and operations. We were conceptualized in early 2012 and founded in 2014. Our operations continue to bring together reliable high-tech green collaborators for our innovative sustainable housing initiative.  Our organization is not currently housing participants due to a lack of resources. Our continued effort to raise funds is with the intent to further nonprofit purpose.


We coalesce with intent to supply sustainable developments that subsidize temporary housing to impoverished groups, advocate for environmentally-friendly lifestyles and establish an alternative to contemporary housing by providing waste-free communities. Our innovative facilities infrastructure is proprietary in nature and thoughtfully licensed by the inventor. 

Sustainability curriculum
Functional Transformation

 By transforming existing recyclables into new fixtures, constructing tangible comfort for the less fortunate is within arm's reach. The overhead costs for building this community are at a bare minimum. Our communities teach how to recycle, re-purpose or renew waste from external and internal sources to create  household items and prolong the life-cycle of resources, thus offsetting long term effects of landfill deposits and distribution.   


Instead of purchasing single use utensils, occupupants share produce with community members, then organically store surplus bioplastics, nutrients and minerals. Our sustainability principle teaches members to store vegetative waste which are used multiple times prior to the final stage of disposal. Eco fellows assist occupants on site by teaching foraging and organic storage techniques.


Landfill Deposit Alleviation 

Share produce with community members, then organically store nutrients and minerals. Our sustainability principle teaches members to separate different types of vegetative waste which are used multiple times prior to the final stage of disposal. Eco fellows assist occupants on site by teaching foraging and organic storage techniques.



Eco ComProX Fellowship


Once operational, we intend to provide community members with a dedicated team of professionals and students for whom they may rely on for support during their waste-free living experience. Our fellows are passionate about sustainability and reap satisfaction for assisting people in need of environmental guidance. Our fellowship program awards professionals and graduate students with a stipend to maintain the waste-free environment either online or in-person to practice surplus vegetation harvesting.


Sustainability Instructors

Our Eco program instructors will upload video curriculum and monitor occupant online community group discussions. Instructors will teach a variety of courses in repurposing plastics or bioplastic, water conservation, and other sustainability-related topics. Learning outcomes seek to produce generative minded individuals better oriented for a sustainable lifestyle.


Instructors sign off on student 'DIY' projects developed from their instructional videos. Student occupants are required to complete three online projects per semester during their stay on the site. These sustainable lifestyle courses are offered to train on facility usage from refrigerator arrangements to bioplastic basket weaving and everything between.



Horticulture Instructors

Individuals who have specialties in the fields of botany, permaculture, agronomy, or any related stream of environmental management will greatly enjoy this opportunity. Our system of leaders has the opportunity to reinforce our distribution channels with surplus produce to local farmer markets and small businesses. 







Eco ComProX Occupancy


Economic factors such as housing and the rate of the cost of living are constantly inching toward a rise. Our organization propositions the opportunity to learn about sustainable living as a mechanism for natural resource management training to be the solution necessary to regain economic footing for individuals experiencing

socio-economic deficiencies. 


Are you interested in experiencing a waste-free sustainable lifestyle? 

Qualifying questionnaire:  


Request wait-list form via email:









Subsidized student housing 

Our repurposed housing developments are cost-effective and outfitted with necessary appliances to enable a waste-free environment. Students benefit from access to technology and internet capabilities around the clock. Certificates of completion for the sustainability curriculum supplements rent each semester. 


Produce credits

Providing access to fresh vegetation supplies students with plant-based nutrition to accompany their normal dietary habits. By having a fresh supply of organics, the cost of living decreases substantially. The communal style 


Eco Ambassadors

Trained youth consult with student population during tabling to identify economically disadvantaged students in need. It is of great importance for our community to have the expertise to give students a safe environment where basic needs are not stigmatized. These university ambassadors travel to multiple campuses to measure student homelessness. They are charged with discretely sharing the application forms by promoting material in student pantries and other campus social service centers.



Operational Goals 

"Innovations that are guided by smallholder farmers, adapted to local circumstances, and sustainable for the economy and environment will be necessary to ensure food security in the future."

- Bill Gates



Our goal is to donate immersive waste-free temporary living arrangements to eligible college students. Our waste-free facilities as leverage, will help students regain economic stabilization as proactive citizens. Implementing this program intends to drastically improve systemic wide poverty levels. By making additional training centers accessible, community participants may too experience sustainable living thus affording societies a generational advancement of eco-friendly standards.  


By donating to our cause, you are supporting the construction of sustainable living experiences for our community. Participants become generative consumers teaching generations to come to the value of ecological altruism. 

Please direct all financial inquiries to: Funding@EcoComfortableProject.org

As a nonprofit association or organizers operate in good faith to further charitable goals in the areas of housing and education.

Contact us


Eco Comfortable Project, Inc. is continually seeking volunteer assistance to keep our not for profit operations running as smoothly as possible. If you feel our cause can help you fulfill a greater purpose, it can! 

Assist in making a tangible difference by sending your resume' and cover letter to Lead@EcoComfortable.org noting "Volunteer Inquiry" in the subject line. 

We appreciate all voluntary help.

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