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Eco ComProX Fellowship


Once operational, we intend to provide community members with a dedicated team of professionals and students for whom they may rely on for support during their waste-free living experience. Our fellows are passionate about sustainability and reap satisfaction for assisting people in need of environmental guidance. Our fellowship program awards professionals and graduate students with a stipend to maintain the waste-free environment either online or in-person to practice surplus vegetation harvesting.


Sustainability Instructor

Our Eco program instructors upload video curriculum and monitor occupant online community group discussions. Instructors will teach a variety of courses in repurposing plastics or bioplastic, water conservation, and other sustainability-related topics. Learning outcomes seek to produce regenerative minded individuals better oriented for a sustainable lifestyle both in conventional and waste-free certified communities.


Instructors sign off on student 'DIY' projects developed from their instructional videos. Student occupants are required to complete three online projects per semester during their stay on the site. These sustainable lifestyle courses are offered to train on facility usage from refrigerator arrangements to bioplastic basket weaving and everything between.


Horticulture Instructors

Individuals who have specialties in the fields of botany, permaculture, agronomy, or any related stream of environmental management will greatly enjoy this opportunity. Our system of leaders has the opportunity to reinforce our distribution channels with surplus produce to local farmer markets and small businesses. 

Eco Ambassadors

Trained youth consult with student population during tabling to identify economically disadvantaged students in need. It is of great importance for our community to have the expertise to give students a safe environment where basic needs are not stigmatized. These university ambassadors travel to multiple campuses to measure student homelessness. They are charged with discretely sharing the application forms by promoting material in student pantries and other campus social service centers.



Outreach At Large (Volunteer Opportunity)

As a community support member of the board, all meeting attendance is optional. The major task for this role is to review meeting proceedings and assist in executive evaluation surveys a perk of this position includes networking with organizational leads and possibly make a connection for a position in the cooperation entity.

Tasks include:

  • Review of Board of Director's meeting proceedings, commission resolutions, program overviews, and personnel evaluations.

  • Renew your status of participation by the digital or in-person communicative response.

  • Suggest improvements to the Board of Directors.

  • Attend as audience members for Board of Director meetings

Blog Content Writer (Volunteer Opportunity)

This position prepares articles about fascinating new advancements in the sustainable living field. As the pioneer who coined the phrase sustainable living system, we work tirelessly to incorporate all innovation into the stream of our sustainability curriculum and tools. An ideal candidate will have experience in creative writing and or journalistic reporting on technological innovation. 

  • Report stories on a set schedule for the sustainable living blog. 

  • Discover new technology or trends that relate to the sustainable living and development market. 

  • Communicate all stories to the creative steering committee for approval of the topic matter. 

  • Acquire a point of contact for media outlets

Board of Directors, Secretary (Volunteer Opportunity)

The Secretary shall:
• Certify and keep at the principal office of the Corporation the original, or a copy, of these
Bylaws as amended or otherwise altered to date.
• Record and maintain records of all proceedings of Board meetings in a book or a series of
• Attest to all documents of the Board and file accordingly using a tickler filing system.
• Be custodian of the corporate seal and the record books, papers and documents (except
financial records) of the Board.
• Make copies of any records available to any director upon request.
• Provide copies of the minutes of the previous meetings of the Board and the notice and
agenda of the following meeting to each director before the beginning of each such following
• See that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws or as
required by law.
• In general, perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may
be required by law, by the Certificate of Incorporation, or by these Bylaws, or which may be
assigned to him or her from time to time by the Chair or the Board of Directors.
• An annual report consisting of an overview of Corporation activities as well as current
events and recounts of internal newsletters shall be structured with the help of the Vice President or President.

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