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In honor of waste-free Wednesday, we would like to equip our sustainable community with tips for transcending into a complete sustainable living environment. Carrying a number of totes in your car may be quite familiar for those who live in jurisdictions that have enacted rules against distributing plastic bags for free. Becoming a waste-free society comes with an adjustment of a multitude of behaviors. In this case, adding to your waste free storage areas can be as simple as an order from Amazon.

Cheese Cloth Bag

This item can be used to contin your fresh produce even while at the store. Be aware, that the weighing systems at check-out may not be calibrated to deduct the full excess weight of cloth bags than that of their plastic produce liner counterparts. When putting these drawstring bags into use, you can save space by storing them directly from the marketplace shelf into your refrigerator. Berries and herbs are stored particularly well using this method because excess moisture around the produce is absorbed into the bag.

Reusable Plastic Covers

Unique products are becoming available on the sustainable lifestyle marketplace. A new durable cling wrap that may be used time and time again to cover all shapes of containers or produce surfaces. For those who are all about sustainability, (but not necessarily into organizing) keeping up with these reusable shrink wrappers can be difficult. The Bees wax infused cotton sandwich wrapping paper can also be found on the same site, and is equally helpful when sustaining a waste-free lifestyle .

Unique Shaped Glasses & Mason Jars

By dressing up your fresh perishable items in different reusable glasses you can reduce gross amounts of food waste. Think of "dressing up your vegetables" as prepping your produce to be consumed. The steps to start this project involve cutting off excess portions of produce that cannot be used in a veggie stock and then composting it. Next wash the vegetation with a homemade orange infused white vinegar and lemon oil solution. Alluring mason jars and fun shaped glasses may be found in many home living stores. It is helpful to label each container and note the approximate expiration date with a dry erase marker.

Produce Recycling Appliance

With an appliance in the kitchen tasked to convert your organic produce waste into organic fertilizer, all scrap vegetation can be appropriately transformed. By decreasing the amounts of wasted vegetation like fruit peels, rinds, stems and seeds these resources can share a greater purpose. Your fertilizer can be stored to nourish garden beds.

Thank you for checking out our blog, I hope this list empowers our community to develop their sustainable living practice. The road to becoming ecologically altruistic requires altering the habits conducting during everyday tasks. Be sure to check in for updates as we explain more about simple sustainable decision making options.

#Wastefree #sustainablelifestyle

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