Zero Waste Challenge

Celebrate Earth week this year by making meaningful change. In fulfilling a sustainable lifestyle, dedicated participants will be sure to not only continue their recycling practices but will also carry out re-purposing activities. In order to become involved, start by choosing to purchase durable material like non-toxic recycled glass or long lasting plastic product. The process of demonstrating a sustainable living requires reserving time to work toward practicing new habits in the kitchen and during purchasing online or in the store.

While saving peels without further guidance may sound a bit ridiculous, this natural resource is far too often disposed of without proper utilization for new product. For instance, perhaps a spool of resin would produce the necessary material to create a degradable plate or perhaps a spool of softer bio-resin material could print a more pliable small household item. A resin is a substance that hardens when cured to create a durable product. In this case, our excess peel waste is sent to a designated affiliate who creates the necessary product to process this wasted resource. Since you will practice this at home instead of throwing out old produce consider composting these materials after storing them in a bin.

You may find this lifestyle alteration easier if you dedicate your effort to being waste-free every Wednesday. By becoming more waste conscientious you minimize your use of one-time use disposable plastics. Check out our previous post for tips on products that will help prolong the life cycle of your produce and transform other materials prior to committing them to the recycling center.

Happy Earth week to all and do not forget, be the change you want to see in the world!

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